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terry ★ twenty-six. female. romanian. intp, rcuei, hedonist, type five, chaotic neutral. freelance writer, web and graphic designer. loves horror films, robots, tea, coffee, bright colors, tattoos, guns and jason staham.

current fandoms ★ darker than black, death note, digimon, doctor who, dogs, fool's gold, gangsta., gundam 00, katekyo hitman reborn, legacy of kain, magi: the labyrinth of magic, mass effect, prince of persia, samurai jack, sherlock, shingeki no kyojin, spartacus, swat kats, the walking dead, tiger & bunny, warehouse 13.

music ★ ac/dc, alice cooper, alternosfera, blue stahli, celldweller, creature feature, disturbed, electric fence, faithless, florence and the machine, frank sinatra, future of the left, garbage, iamx, information society, lady gaga, marilyn manson, metallica, mika, monoral, muse, owl city, queen, rammstein, rise of artificial, rob zombie, robin and the backstabbers, scooter, she wants revenge, sneaker pimps, that handsome devil, the chemical brothers, the ernies, the fratellis, the prodigy, the white stripes, travka, verdena, zdob şi zdub, zz top.

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