sade: (ya ; just like that)
ᴛ ᴇ ʀ ʀ ʏ ([personal profile] sade) wrote2013-01-15 10:50 am


new year's resolutions, a little late but still here.

01. give more fucks. don't be a self-centered ass, that will not earn you points with people. and i know you don't like people in general, but you need them.

02. write more. write more. write more. WRITE MORE. WRITE MORE. is that clear enough?

03. exercise more. come summer you will have the body of a gladiator (or maybe not quite so muscular, but still) or there will be pain. mark my words.

04. did i mention give more fucks?

05. oh and maybe start on that comic project you've been working on and off for the past two years, you lazy fuck. that shit ain't gonna draw itself, you know.